Washington, D.C. Environmental and Natural Resources Partner Peter Glaser was quoted in the Friday, October 23 ClimateWire article, “Opening day for EPA’s Clean Power Plan Rule and for litigation”. October 23 marked the EPA’s publishing of its Clean Power Plan rule in the Federal Register. The EPA’s Clean Power Plan rule is designed to reduce carbon dioxide emissions from existing power plants through a series of regulations by 32% from 2005 levels by 2030. These regulations are a key part of the Obama administration’s agenda to mandate efforts to address climate change.

Though the EPA feels the regulations will withstand challenges, several states, electric utilities and other organizations have already challenged the rule, claiming the rule oversteps the agency’s authority over the power sector. Peter’s perspective, as reported by ClimateWire is that, “…the proposed rule was so far beyond anything that was remotely reasonable that EPA’s attempts in the final rule to crawl back to reasonableness don’t even get close.”

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