The basis of an effective Environmental, Health and Safety (EHS) program remains the strength of its management system and how thoroughly it is integrated into business practices. This year, Troutman Sanders is thrilled to be the presenting sponsor at the North Carolina Chamber Environmental Compliance Conference, which takes place next Thursday, January 28th in Durham, North Carolina. This conference is designed to provide employers with an in-depth understanding of current critical issues and practices related to the effective implementation of EHS programs as well as tools to navigate the regulatory landscape. Attendees will join expert panelists and top North Carolina Department of Environmental Quality (NCDEQ) officials in proactive discussions on pressing regulatory issues, legislation, policy decisions, and other initiatives on water, waste, air and natural resources that affect business. This conference provides NC DEQ officials with valuable feedback from the regulated community while providing businesses with an excellent forum on emerging environmental trends and issues.

Attendees can look forward to case studies and an interactive dialogue on emerging trends and issues in EHS management including:

  • North Carolina’s process for reviewing and streamlining regulations and permitting requirements;
  • NCDEQ enforcement procedures and priority;
  • How to build a successful EHS compliance program and what it can do for you; and
  • Federal and state disclosure policies and the legal principles that can protect the results of compliance audits from disclosure.

Speakers, panelists and moderators include:

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