The cast party following the wrap of the month long trial between Florida and Georgia known as the water wars may not be the social event of the season for the participants who exited the case largely as they entered it:  in opposite corners.  A decision on the water turf dispute now rests with United States Supreme Court Special Master Ralph Lancaster who suggested a recommended ruling might be issued prior to Christmas.  In closing remarks to the case, tried in Portland, Maine, Lancaster admonished the parties, “I can guarantee you that at least one of you is going to be unhappy with my recommendation — and perhaps both of you,” in once again advocating for a negotiated resolution.  Absent such a resolution however, Lancaster’s recommendation will go to the Supreme Court for further action.  The parties have an opportunity to file briefs which challenge the Master’s findings and conclusions, and the Court determines whether to accept the views of the Master or hear oral argument about an unsolved issue.