The Phase 1 deadline under EPA’s NPDES eReporting Rule is just around the corner, on December 21, 2016.  This marks the start date for e-reporting for individual NPDES permittees including DMRs as well as EPA general permit data and the Federal Biosolids Program.

December 21st is also the deadline for EPA-authorized program’s preliminary plans for tackling Phase 2 e-reporting requirements.  Phase 2 will pick up remaining NPDES reporting including for general permittees, cooling-water intake structures, CAFOs and MS4s.  In a recent webinar, EPA detailed various stakeholder working group activities planned to streamline Phase 2 implementation.

In short, changes in reporting under various NPDES programs are on the move, which could mean new challenges for regulated parties.  There will be new reporting procedures to implement as well as potential for new scrutiny from third parties due to increased transparency.