Troutman Sanders has formed a new group, Species Strategies and Solutions (S3), which will track policy, regulatory, legislative, and litigation developments regarding federally-protected wildlife and plants.  Initiatives to address infrastructure projects, and how those initiatives relate to species-related review requirements, will also be featured.  S3 will be focused primarily on national-level species-related developments that have the potential to affect construction and operation of projects in those sectors. S3 is not a lobbying or advocacy group; rather, its purpose is to facilitate a better understanding of the issues associated with compliance with the Endangered Species Act, and strategies for addressing those issues.

Membership in S3 will include the following benefits:

  • Receipt of quarterly newsletters highlighting recent developments on the regulatory, legislative, policy, and litigation front, as well as case studies of recent permitting examples when available.  These newsletters will include an assessment of how such developments are likely to affect permitting and project development, and strategy recommendations for addressing those developments.
  • Access to a members-only website including copies of the quarterly newsletters, with referenced documents, key policy and guidance documents issued by the Services and action agencies (where relevant), and copies of project-level permitting documents (to the extent made available by members).
  • Comparison of approaches to permitting, consultation and mitigation across regions.
  • Analysis of hot topics affecting permitting, consultation and mitigation approaches.
  • Invitation to semi-annual meetings (with telephone option), including Q&A sessions with federal and relevant state government officials, opportunities to collaborate with S3 leadership and other members to develop best practices for project development, and in-depth analysis of recent developments.

If you would like more information about the benefits of joining S3 or how to participate, please contact Andrea Wortzel, Angela Levin, or Sean Sullivan.